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FS: 1978 Triumph Spitfire 1500 - carnellm - 01-25-2018

Time to thin the herd a bit and pass on my Spitfire to someone else. Needs a new top and a bit of bodywork, but is a blast to drive. Has an overdrive transmission that works well and a hardtop that I have never put on. I have added electric cooling fans, new ignition switch, and separate electrical fusing for the lights, fans, and overdrive. Brakes have been thoroughly gone through as have many other components.

In 2016 I drove this car from here in Charleston to North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, and into Indiana. Now that was a fun road trip. Maybe you need a road trip yourself?

I have manuals, extra parts, and loads of other stuff to go with this baby. I can also show you the records of all the work I have done.

More photos can be seen at https://post.craigslist.org/manage/6473110399

Asking $2950  ... contact Michael @ Michael@JustBritish.com

[Image: 01212_73aYcNEZtuf_1200x900.jpg]