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Forum Guidelines - Read before posting!!
1. Please preface subject with "Sale", "Wanted" or "Trade" to make it easy to tell what you are trying to do.
2. Items can be cars, parts, tools, books, memorabilia, etc ... but must be related to British cars.
3. Initial asking price must be listed if the vehicle/item is for sale. Follow-up messages adjusting the price are permitted. 
4. Approximate location of the vehicle/item should be listed. (City and state are sufficient) 
5. Include a picture of the vehicle/item, if possible. 
6. Links to eBay or other auctions are not permitted unless it is your auction. 
7. This is for by owner sales only - not businesses. If you are a business, contact us about advertising.
8. There is no charge for posting ads in the classified sections. 
9. Once your item is sold, please post a follow-up message in your ad stating that the item has been sold and is no longer available. 
10. We wish this would go without saying but keep it civil. If you don't like their price leave the thread alone and move on.

Threads or messages that do not comply with the above are subject to removal.

These rules are subject to change at any time. All decisions final.

Just British assumes no responsibility for any transaction resulting from posts in this area, nor do we guarantee the accuracy of any ad. You post or reply to posts at your own risk. 

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